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This is a promo video from the popular reality tv show "The Amazing Race". Watch it and then go to the "Think" section below.


​1. "Recording my Heart" is the title of this project. What do you think it refers to?


2. Reality tv shows are very popular nowadays and we think that there is a lot we could say about them. In this project we're going to make our opinions visible by writing an article about this topic and publishing it online. After finishing the experience, you should be able to write an opinion article using a clear structure, topic related vocabulary, opinion expressions and an appealing style that attracts your readers. Most importantly you will share it in various ways in the Net.

Let's give some thought to it! Brainstorm a list of at least 10 questions about reality tv. Use these question-starts to help you think of interesting questions:

How would it be different if...?
What are the reasons...?
Suppose that...?
What if...?
What if we knew...?
What is the purpose of...?
What would change if...?

3. Share your questions in our Edmodo group, go to the Forum tab in the menu to see how you can enrol.

4. Have a look at the project's assessment rubric to see the criteria for your expected outcome. Is there anything you would like to change / suggest? Why? Share it in Edmodo.

Go to the Do tab to begin your project.

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